Erica Deshner Cornwall

As an artist she embraces her love for art, photography and directing. Her favorite creative subjects are centered around athletic activities skateboarding , snowboarding and dance and the memories they provide. She came up with the idea to document and photograph a collection of unique characters with a passion for riding boards 20 years ago. It was 10 years ago she started her journey as a filmmaker after working for a few news stations in the Treasure Valley.

As an artist, a photographer, videographer, she is an active member and contributor to her community. Erica is also, inspired by the world that surrounds her, and the many perspectives that capture the attention of the lenses she uses to document these stories.

“This is my journey. I long to share what I see and hear with a unique perspective that creates conversations between generations. Erica has a clear goal is to achieve the most accurate account and give everyone a chance to share their perspective while researching the facts. She has been a member of the skate and snowboard community in Boise for over 20 years, and I use this passion to fuel my art.”

Colin H. Clark

As a filmmaker Colin has gone through multiple different genres, working in professional skateboarding for 10 years, shooting & editing for Tony Hawk’s production company, living overseas and covering the world skateboarding contests. Later moving into food, working in high end pastries at Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire with Christopher Ford in Beverly Hills then gaining a corporate position at California Pizza Kitchen international restaurant chain world headquarters as their Multimedia Producer & Editor. Most recently he opened a coffee shop/coffee roaster with a couple friends called Push & Pour, currently with two locations. Colin splits his time between Boise and Los Angeles with the coffee shops and filming.

Special Thanks

This project has been a labor of love. With that love, we’d like to thank a few members of our community for making this project happen.

Sean Mehen for his work on We Are Rhodes as Director of Photography and the use of his gear

Jeston Cole Lewis for work on the all of the Audio.

Katie Preston for her producing expertise and helping out wherever and whenever.

Sean McNearney for his on set audio wizardry.

Chad Rincover for always showing up to lend a hand on and off set.

Victorita Raaen for being a great team member on set.

Jared Scharfetter for help with lots of production needs.

Kody Newton for being a part of the camera team.

Trevor Atkinson for all of his archive footage.